APFC Panel

Introduction of APFC Panel

  • Power factor is the ratio between the KW and the KVA drawn by an electrical load where the KW is the actual load power and the KVA is the apparent load power.
  • It is a measure of how effectively the current is being converted into useful work output and more particularly is a good indicator of the effect of the load current on the efficiency of the supply system .
  • In industry most of the load is inductive in nature which results in lagging power factor that is why there is loss and wastage of energy which results in high power bills and heavy penalties from electricity boards.
  • If the load is uneven it is very difficult to maintain unity power factor.
  • To overcome this difficulty APFC panel is used which maintains unity power factor.
  • So industries require automatic power factor correction system
  • APFC or Automatic Power Factor Control Panels are mainly used for the improvement of Power Factor.
  • Power Factor can be explained as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a key factor in measuring electrical consumption.
  • Everyone knows that how costly electricity has become in present time.
  • Therefore it becomes utmost important to cut down on electrical consumption for reducing expenditure.
  • APFC Panels come real handy in the achievement of this purpose Use of these control panels becomes indispensable in those industries where electrical installations are meant to supply to large electrical load.
  • A dip in Power Factor can attract operational losses and a penalty from electricity board, responsible for electricity supply.
  • APFC Panels can effectively and automatically manage quickly changing and scattered loads along with the retention of high Power Factor.
  • We are renowned manufacturers of APFC Panels symbolized with quality and reliability. These are available in different current ratings to cater to distinct applications

Working Principle Of APFC Panel

  • The power demand is increasing day by day as the industrial load is increasing.
  • In modern power network cater to a wide variety of electrical load and power electronics loads, which create a varying power demand on the supply system and pollute the system environment.
  • It is necessary of automatic switching operation of the suitable capacitor depending upon the load fluctuations without manual intervention.
  • It can be achieved by using APFC system which can maintain consistently high factor nearer to unity.
  • Majority of load are inductive in nature in industries.
  • So they consume reactive power which affect the generation of plant.
  • To give this additional power we need to increase generation or increase KVA rating of transformer.

Salient Features Of APFC Panel

  • Modular Structure
  • Protection to each step.
  • Well ventilated design.
  • Powder coated metallic frame structure design
  • Four modes of operation.
  • Door interlocks Facility.
  • Good Service Backup.

Advantages Of APFC Panel

  • Consistently high power factor under fluctuating loads.
  • Prevention of leading power factor
  • Eliminate power factor penalty
  • Lower energy consumption by reducing losses.
  • Continuously sense and monitor load
  • Automatically switch on/off relevant capacitors steps for consistent power factor.

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