FCMA Soft Starter

What is FCMA Soft Starter?

  • The harmonic free, rugged magnetic soft starter for motor starting.
  • FCMA is an acronym for flux compensated magnetic amplifier which is basically a modulated inductive impedance.
  • When connected in series with the motor the FCMA reduces the starting current to a low value.
  • The impedance of FCMA decreases with increasing motor speed by flux compensation thus incrementing the motor voltage without sleep to keep the current constant till motor reaches 90% speed (pullout torque).
  • The motor voltage increment is typically from 50% at start to 95% at full speed gradually.
  • The FCMA is further bypassed by a suitable contactor so that the motor runs at line voltage.

Features Of FCMA Soft Starter

  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions-EPOXY caste unit
  • No electronic components
  • Starting current limit up to 1.50P.U
  • Starting of Motor with limited KVA
  • In built Bypass system for full voltage during running
  • No Internal-External cooling required.
  • Harmonic free
  • NULL maintenance
  • Run Indoor and outdoor models in Line or in Phase models available
  • Sinusoidal Wave form Built in bypass for full voltage
  • Amplitude control
  • Unique FCMA technology


Line contactor closes & Motor starts at low current, FCMA controls starting current and accelerates motor to full speed . Motor voltage increases from 50% to 95% keeping current constant.

  • Native Manufacturer company of FCMA Based soft starter
  • Innovative Technomics-Most trusted brand since 1993.
  • Providing services from last 30 years.
  • Our core team has wide & huge experience of 20-25 years in design & manufacturing of motor solutions, soft starters, rotor controllers, electrical panel, breaker panel, feeder panel, load bank,APFC Panel etc.

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